As the New Year and January draw to a close on the Reserve, February and all its magic begins to unfold. On the Reserve, all the summer flowers are now in bloom. Iris, azalea, marigold and beautiful white, wild hibiscus can be seen covering the ground – gently swaying in the soft summer breeze. These blossoms, a visual display of happiness, love and joy.

The baby herbivores that dropped at the end of last year, now stand sturdy on their legs, and bring waves of delight to all who see them.

Clear nights bring crisp sunrises, and the sun shines for longer each day, as if it were trying to show off all the beauty at its feet.

The feeling all around us is one of ecstasy. The kitchen bustles with colourful, fresh titbits for High-Tea, and dishes with wild flowers and ornate decoration are served by candlelight.

The nights are warm, and the air, thick and tangible. Guests take to the deck after sunset with white wine, and chatter as the Milky Way shines above, with the occasional shooting star flying silently by.

The lodge staff are full of smiles, as usual, and eagerly making preparations as Valentine’s Day approaches. Champagne is being ordered, roses gathered, candles and lanterns stockpiled while bath foam and salts are allocated to each room.

We can’t wait to see you in 2018.


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Embrace nature in the comfort of a 5-star sanctuary in the heart of Africa. Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge is situated on a prime sector of the Nambiti Private Game Reserve and offers visitors an unforgettable, personal retreat with all the indulgences. Prepare to be whisked away from the stresses of a routine lifestyle and be welcomed by the tranquil serenity of nature at its finest.

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