Malaria Tablets
Follow advice from your Doctor if you intend to visit a Malaria area.

Basic First Aid Kit
headache tablets, plasters and antiseptic cream.

Sun Cream
Do not let sunburn affect your trip.

Insect Repellent
Ideally a product that will protect against mosquito’s and ticks.

Cool Box or Cool Bag
Use for luggage or carry in your luggage, transfer contents to the boot of the car, and keep necessary provisions cool when driving.

Freezer Blocks
You can take freezer blocks with you to use in your cool box or bag. Alternatively some supermarkets will have them for sale.

For extra sun protection or warmth in the Drakensberg winter.

‘Bush’ coloured clothing if you intend to take part in any walking. Use our climate page for reference to the weather.

Walking Boots
A good pair of comfortable walking boots or shoes are needed if you intend to do any walking either in the bush or the mountains.

Beach Towel
Bathroom towels are provided at all KZN Wildlife accommodation but you will need to take your own beach towels.

Day Pack
To carry snacks and water.

Travel Adapter
When buying an adapter you will need a three ’round’ pinned plug.

One torch per person is a good idea.

You do not want to miss a photo opportunity.

Camera Accessories
Spare or rechargeable batteries. A car charger is best for the batteries with a cigarette lighter connection. Camera case or bag..

For long range identification of both animals and birds.


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