Over the last few months, travel as we know it has dramatically changed. All our customers with imminent travel plans were forced to postpone or cancel their trips due to FCO advice. We have been lucky, as all who had bookings with us have delayed, and re-bookings have now started. The workload in the early stages of the pandemic was immense as each client was looked after on a one to one basis. This though, is how we work and the benefits of booking a package with us have shone through.

Many people who have not booked through us have since been in touch for advice, and we have read in travel forums, of the difficulties travellers have experienced when trying to arrange refunds. From ridiculously long waiting times trying to get through on airline phonelines to being advised by hotels, they are only willing to offer a credit voucher. We understand the holiday plans for this year may not work the following year, so credit vouchers are not always wanted or even used. Travel Counsellors were voted the top UK travel company for cancellation refunds by Money Saving Experts which is an accolade we are very proud of – Read more here.

There is a lot to be said for researching, planning & booking a holiday independently. We have all done this at some point & it can add to the excitement & build up for any trip. However, the disadvantage is that booking flights, accommodation, cars, transfers, etc, separately means you have not formed a ‘package’. It has also meant for a lot of travellers that they have experienced a huge amount of stress trying to contact everyone that they have booked separate elements with. One person told me that they cannot even get hold of the agent that they booked their flights through. The travel industry certainly has been thrown into disarray by covid-19.

In the old days before the advent of the internet, we all booked through an agent. Now when its safe to travel the world again, we could well see the rise of the agent and travel specialist. With us, we will work with you on the planning & tailor your itinerary to ensure you get exactly what you want. If you are a first-time holiday maker or a hugely experienced traveller, you will benefit from our services. Booking a package with us gives you peace of mind that we will look after every aspect from start to finish.

It is important to us that you are not worrying about losing money when you should be looking forward to your holiday! Your peace of mind is so important to us that Travel Counsellors introduced its Trust – a financial guarantee to cover every single booking. Our Trust is much more comprehensive than basic ATOL protection because you are covered for everything, not just the bits of your travel which includes flights. From airport parking to transfers & car hire, when you are booking a package with us, every penny is protected. No ifs, buts or maybes.

Nobody protects your money like Travel Counsellors – in fact our unique financial protection is the very best in travel. Everything that you book with your Travel Counsellor is completely protected, so all you will need to worry about is what you are going to pack!

When you are ready to talk about your next adventure, simply get in touch, and let’s make a start. We will not take the fun out of planning; we will simply be there to ensure you get exactly what you want and offer peace of mind. Together we can build the perfect package to include everything you need.


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