Leopard Mountain

Put your best foot forward. The journey of a million miles begins with the first step. Our Leopard Mountain family begins the new feeling refreshed and recharged, ready for 365 days of amazing adventure in the African wild.

Leopard Mountain

Small Matters:
Our summer months are an exceptional period for birding. With the return of many intra-African migrants as well as some from Europe, we also see the ominous LBJ’s – Little Brown Jobs – starting to take on their beautiful breeding plumage to attract their mates. Get out your binoculars, its time for some excellent birding.

Leopard Mountain

Wildlife Moments:

•Staff had the luxury of watching four lionesses hunt warthog piglets on the main road to the lodge.
•Food and Beverage Manager Gcina was privileged to see a leopard tortoise 4X4’ing its way through the lodge grounds.

Ranger Alex:
•Got to see one of Manyoni’s female leopard’s cross the road in front of us.
•Two male lions stalking a pod of hippos grazing after sunset.
•Five hyenas just in time for dinner at the lodge.

Ranger James:
•Seeing a baby puff adder followed by a Southern African rock python 100m further down the road.
•Watching a Heron chick being fed by the adults.

Ranger Jian:
•Had a black rhino and her two-year-old calf suddenly emerge from the darkness one evening on the way back to the lodge.
•Watched a large-spotted genet jumping through the long grass trying to catch flying insects.
•Saw over 30 dung beetles invade some elephant dung not three minutes after it had hit the ground.

Ranger JP:
•Male lion mating with a female at the waterhole.
•Buffalo bull coming down to the water to drink.
•A dazzle of zebra running across the open plains.


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A Big 5 multiple award winning 4 Star lodge, set within an Endangered Species Protected Area in the magnificent Manyoni Private Game Reserve, offering peace and tranquillity with friendly hospitality. Our beautiful lodge has the most spectacular views in Zululand.

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