Cat’s Diary:

Our lioness and her four cubs are really starting to push boundaries as the cubs are getting bigger and ‘mom’ is becoming more confident in their abilities. Their boundaries, both north and south have definitely extended- often finding her in places she has not been seen in, in the past. On a side note, we have also found out the sex of the cubs: one male and three females, showing promising signs of what could possibly be a notable pride in the future – mother and three female cubs.


There have been rumours in the past few months, of our wild dogs possibly denning. While these hopes slowly lessened over time we were finally delighted to see pictures of three very healthy looking 3.5 to 4 month old puppies. Not yet old enough to hunt, they are starting to cover bigger distances with their ‘alphas’. These pups will add to future generations’ genetic diversity as well as add numbers to a dwindling, endangered and fragmented wild dog population.

Lodge News:

With all the changes happening to the face of the lodge, the heart and soul remains the same. Two employees have been part of the Vivier and Leopard Mountain Family from the very beginning – 20 years! These two staff members from our Manyoni community, Dudu and Macekeni, were involved in the actual building of the lodge in 1997. We are happy to still have them as a part of the family and hope they remain here for years to come!


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