Cat’s Diary:

Our lioness is showing continued growing confidence in her four cubs. Their distance to their mother during hunts is reducing and she is allowing them to assist in the kill once she has successfully caught their meal. This is invaluable experience that they gain each and every time they are with ‘mom’. Recently they were even directly involved in suffocating a young warthog, after it took a wrong turn when being chased by their mother. The dedication by the cubs was incredible, not letting go of the warthog once to even feed.


A new female cheetah from Hoedspruit has been released onto the reserve. She was a part of a swap with the reserve which will play a major role in genetic diversity in our reserve as well as in the whole of South Africa. With only two genetic lines remaining on our reserve, the introduction of this new line of genetics will help prevent a bottleneck in our cheetah population. Each reserve containing a cheetah population play a prevalent role in harbouring genetics that will inevitably save this vulnerable species.

Lodge News:

Previously mentioned “renovations still to come” after our huge “Ma(y)ke-over” include our new bar area in the restaurant. The new bar and décor really opens up the restaurant area giving it lovely spacious feel. With its elegant colour contrast and beautiful locally made woven baskets it complements the restaurant with its modern finish. Keep your eyes peeled for more small changes to come!


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