Big Cat Diary:

Brandy’s two subadult males have been quite lucky in the exploration of Manyoni Private Game Reserve. They have survived an encounter with the surviving Kalahari Boy – while he was mating with Brandy. They were extremely submissive and they walked away unharmed. Recently, they survived another close encounter with one of the Old Boys. While having a catnap in the riverbed after enjoying a quick meal of grey duiker, the beaten up Old Boy calmly walked upon the situation without the subbies fluttering an ear. Waking up suddenly one subbie gave the Old Boy a light slap and then both youngsters submitted by rolling onto their backs. After the short encounter, all three had a short nap in the riverbed and after being highly irritated by sand fleas, the older male got up and walked downstream being followed shortly by the two younger males. Very interesting interactions…

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It’s silly season in the bushveld – rutting season. Our impala rams are acting impossible. Confusing everyone into a false belief that predators are lurking nearby – with alarm calls turning into a “burping” sound followed by aggressively chasing females around fields and through thick thorn bushes.

Rutting season in the breeding season for impalas where male impalas, called rams, have an increased testosterone level, their main focus is on the ladies and behave aggressively towards other males – much like being in a bar!

Lodge News:

Nosipho Bhengu used to be the Spa Manager at Leopard Mountain. She has a son and daughter and resides in a village about two hours outside of Durban. She has been a spa therapist for seven years after receiving a Somatology Diploma from the Durban University of Technology. Ready for a change but not quite ready to leave the Leopard Mountain family, Nosipho has had a change of field and been promoted to Front of House Manager.

Congratulations Nosipho here’s too many more successful years with Leopard Mountain!


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