With the benefits of Spring in full swing here at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge, recent guests have been lucky enough to meet the newest member of our family: an adorable and healthy little elephant calf. Our experienced Rangers estimate the youngest member of the thriving elephant herd to be between 3 to 4 weeks old, and it has been magical to watch as the bond between the herd grows stronger every day. Many fortunate guests have been lucky enough to witness the older elephants in the herd protect this young bull, a testament to how elephants have such a strong family bond where the entire herd follows and respects their elders.

Observing the tightknit social structure in action is just one of the pleasures of elephant sightings – which Nambiti Hills guests get to view on almost a daily basis. This bond is recognised as one of the strongest and most compassionate in the African bush, with the Matriarchal social structure ensuring the herd is always protected.

In the abundant and vibrant terrain of the Nambiti Reserve, the elephant herd has thrived; in numbers and in health. But, as with many reserves, the lack of rainfall has led to a shortfall of food for certain animals. The Nambiti Hills elephants, in their resilience, have adapted to this natural environmental stress by splitting the main breeding herd into two; with a cluster breakaway herd that formed and moved to a separate part of the reserve to find their own supplies. The intellect of these animals portrays how they recognise when the ecological demands are being exceeded and they act accordingly. There’s a reason they say elephants are among the smartest animals.

The Nambiti Hills Reserve can sustainably house between 40 and 50 elephants. We take pride in ensuring that we not only give our guests 5 star luxury treatment but that we take the same attitude towards our animals. As a result, we have recently relocated 14 elephants to another community-based private reserve on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal. They will become the main breeding herd in this area and continue to ensure the successful continuation of their lineage. We are proud that we could be a part of this transition and plan.

Come and visit us soon to enjoy Africa’s Big 5, in 5 star luxury and style.


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