The Guides Story

Being well qualified and experienced guides both Brad and Andrew have many stories to share. Many dinners are spent listening to the tales of the guides experiences and sightings. Here are the latest additions to the Mavela Saga.

Brads favourite sighting

We time our game drives so you get to experience a stunning afternoon, stop for sun downers, then have a taster of a night drive before returning to a scrumptious dinner. This is a wonderful balance for seeing animals at their most active and experience the bush clothed in various shades of light. After a lovely Gin and Tonic, with the light now faded, the drive happened across 2 black rhino. While black rhino have a feisty reputation; various videos of late have showed a very different side to them at night.This sighting was exactly that! Brad crept forward slowly before turning off the engine and sitting quietly. The 2 rhino then calmly made their way towards the vehicle feeding as they walked. They got so close to the vehicle one of them actually brushed up against the vehicle. If you want to see a clip of the sighting go and check out our Instagram account by clicking the picture of the sighting on your left.

Andrews favorite sighting

Wild dogs are generally incredibly rare to see given their habits of roaming long unpredictable distances in very short spaces of time. Finding them is a bit like that needle we speak of in a proverbial haystack.  Andrew knew where the wild dogs had been seen that morning and given wild dogs love for mid-day naps there was a higher chance of finding the pack in the same area. The vehicle began their search with everyone’s eyes scanning the surroundings, while the odds were ‘ever in their favour’; they were, none the less, only odds. After searching high and low, Andrew drove down into a river crossing; suddenly out of the grass the wild dogs appeared all around the vehicle. The guests loved the experience and the  adrenaline of finding these amazing animals.


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Mavela Game Lodge is nestled in the heart of the magnificent Big 5 Manyoni Private Game Reserve, near Mkuze, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A unique all-inclusive luxury, safari-style tented bush lodge that affords both local and international travellers intimate encounters with the African bush.

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