South Africa offers all travellers value-for-money, giving you the opportunity to afford all those luxuries and activities and whatever your heart may desire.

Good Weather

The warm climate promotes outdoor living, letting guests take advantage of the sunshine while on the beaches, hiking, or sporting – all year round!

Natural Beauty

From the dramatic Table Mountain to the vast savannah of the Kruger National Park, be enticed by South Africa’s wild coastline, lush forests, unique floral kingdom, rugged mountains and open plains.


Whether you may be interested in nature, wildlife, heritage, sport or culture, South Africa invites you to experience it all.


South Africa is an exciting melting pot of different races, cultures and religions that combined form the “Rainbow Nation”.


A rich culturally diverse history dating back from ancient archaeological finds to the Dutch East India Company, British occupation, frontier wars, apartheid, to the present day democratic South Africa.

Outdoor Activities

There is something for everyone, from beach walks to abseiling to white water rafting – it’s out there!

Fauna and Flora

South Africa is home to the Cape Floral Kingdom, the Big 5, the Little 5, Great White Sharks and almost everything else in between!


South Africa is a pioneer in conservation and is conscious of the environment, encouraging eco-tourism, sustainable tourism and going “Green”.

Famous Icons

Learn about the people, past and present that helped shape and inspire a nation and lead it to greater heights. These include Nobel Peace Prize winners, authors, musicians, sports people, freedom fighters, and statesmen like Nelson Mandela.


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