By David McFie

Having met the new officer in charge of the Weenen Game Reserve, Frik Lemmer, it was very encouraging for him to ask us that we an organisation help and become involved with the reserve once again. He was adamant that he would like help and assistance from the local people as he puts it “It is our reserve“.

It is a very under-rated reserve as far as wildlife is concerned.

The animals range from the embattled rhino, giraffe, many antelope species, both hyena (the brown and spotted), down to five members of the mongoose family. Included among them are some rare and endangered species such as the brown hyena, aardwolf and antbear, amounting to 35 different animals in total.

For the bird lovers my current list, which is far from complete stands at 193.

I would like to go back to all of those who contributed to paying for the restoration of a most important centrally situated borehole and repairs to another, which may be put into use again when needed. A possible project for us to consider in the future.

Already ESCO Feeds has offered to help us in a significant way, as has Mortimer Motors. Our ongoing thanks to the vets of the Estcourt Veterinary Clinic who are always on hand to help the reserve with their rhino and other problems, for which they, as a wonderful gesture do not charge Ezemvelo. This being their contribution to the rhino war and the reserve.

Thanks to Andrew Spence for successfully getting us tax exemption from SARS.

I really feel that we as a platform organisation will be able to play a role in the reserve’s survival and future growth with all these efforts and help in the pipeline, together with the new boss of the reserve who comes with an impressive reputation.

Frik’s contact details are the following:

Office: 036 354 7013
Mobile: 082 318 3433

For anyone wanting to donate to our fund the banking details are:

Friends of Weenen Game Reserve
Standard Bank (Current Account)
Estcourt Branch Code: 057625
Account Number: 062665251

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support.


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